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Brooklyn July 4th Fireworks in BK NYC

Oct 29, 2019 at 06:41 pm by mikewood

NYC NYC 2020

Brooklyn Fireworks - 4th of July Fireworks BK - 2021

Brooklyn July 4th Fireworks on the East River & 4th of July Fireworks 2021 Coney Island BK

4th of july fireworks  brooklyn nyc july 4th fireworks coney island bk nycJune 28, 2021 / Brooklyn Neighborhoods / July 4th Holiday in Brooklyn / Brooklyn Blvd NYC. IMAGES BUZZ.

July 4th Weekend Weather. As of this post 6/26/21, the temperature highs will be in the high 70's during the day and in the mid 60's at night on both Saturday and Sunday. There's a 40% chance of about a tenth of an inch rain on Saturday, and no rain is presently expected on Sunday. The humidity will be fairly high between 65% - 75% throughout the weekend. Winds will be fairly muted at only 5 mph all weekend.


Macy's July 4th Fireworks along the East River Provide Good Viewing from Brooklyn & Coney Island 4th of July Fireworks Same Night

The Macy's 4th of July fireworks will be shown along the East River this year. They were shown along the East River in 2014 for the first time since 2008, and have remained on the East River ever since. Mayor de Blasio had lobbied the change, which now spans eight years. The Grucci Brothers will be doing the Macy's 4th of July fireworks in NYC, which they've been doing for decades.

4th Of July Fireworks Brooklyn 2021

Macy's 4th Of July Fireworks 2021 On East River near Brooklyn NYC

Coney Island Fireworks to Follow Macy's Fireworks in 2021

The 4th Of July Fireworks 2021 Return to Jones Beach

June 28, 2021 / Brooklyn Neighborhoods / July 4th Holiday in Brooklyn / Brooklyn Blvd NYC.


4th of july fireworks queens 20184th of july fireworks 2018 queens nyc july 4th 20181. Macy's July 4th Fireworks in Brooklyn

In 2009 the Macy's 4th of July fireworks were moved to the Hudson River on Manhattan's west side. We were informed they'd moved it to the Hudson River to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's discovery of the river. The Macys 4th of July fireworks display remained there until July 4th 2014 when the Macy's 4th of July fireworks returned to the East River.


Best Viewing Locations For 4th of July Fireworks Brooklyn 2021

Time / Location Prep. Blocks along the East River within local neighborhoods on both sides of the river will be cordoned off by the police. This effort begins around 3 to 4 pm in the afternoon and tightens up as the crowds grow. The fireworks are expected to begin about 9.25 - 9.35 pm, but you'll need time to get into position. It's also recommended that you forego the lawn chairs and other extra baggage to the extent you can, especially the later you move into position, as this will encumber you getting through the crowd.

Macy's Fireworks 2021 Barge Locations. Looking at the red upside down obelisks, on the map below, from bottom left to top right you can see that the optimal viewing locations are on the East River shoreline just south of the Brooklyn Bridge to just north of the Williamsburg Bridge.


4th Of July Fireworks In Brooklyn 2021 - Barge Locations / Local Viewing Spots

Since 2014 the Macy's 4th of July fireworks have been lit upon the East River within viewing range of all five boroughs [although a quite a distance from the south Bronx and northern tip of Staten Island]. There will be five barges this year. The number of barges varies from year to year - generally between four and five. The barges will be positioned in the East River between the equivalent of the Brooklyn Bridge / 23rd Street and 42nd Street on the Manhattan side, and 48th Avenue in Long Island City Queens and the Brooklyn Bridge / Green Street in Williamsburg / Greenpoint in Brooklyn.

The positioning of the barges and the number of them is designed to maximize the viewing options for an audience estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands. The show will be more easily viewable from the shores of Brooklyn in the areas adjacent to the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges as you can see on the map below.

brooklyn best viewing locations fireworks  bk best places to watch july 4th fireworks brooklyn nyc


2. Coney Island July 4th Fireworks in Brooklyn NYC 2021

The Coney Island fireworks will begin shortly after the Macy's 4th of July fireworks end on the East River on July 4th, 2021. This is generally a bit before 10 pm. The Coney Island 4th of July fireworks will be held on the beach generally in the area of the Steeple which is at xyz. This is a free event.


3. The 4th Of July Fireworks 2021 Continue at Jones Beach, Long Island

4th of july fireworks 2018 queens nycThis year there will be again be 4th of July fireworks at Jones Beach State Park on Long Island. This was one of the New York State budget cuts beginning in 2010, which affected the deployment of police officers to provide security at the event.

In 2015 the Governor and the New York State Parks announced that these cuts were restored and the fireworks on Jones Beach on Long Island have continued ever since - excepting the pandemic in 2020. Please note that there's a $10 parking fee and after 4 pm there's a $10 admission fee.


Public Transit From Brooklyn / Queens To Jones Beach

From Brooklyn, take the subway to the Jamaica station in Queens. The LIRR leaves from the Jamaica Station every half hour beginning at 5.05 pm and arrives in Freeport 21 minutes later at 5.26 pm [5.35 / 6.05 etc]. From there you take the N88 Long Island Bus. The off peak one way train fares are $5.25 at the ticket office and less via the web and more buying onboard. I believe a round trip package is available for $13.50 per person, so ask for it. Jones Beach is a nice quick getaway from the city and based on hearsay from last year, not as crowded.

Please note that the ticket prices mentioned above are from 2012 and may have changed, but provide you will a ballpark estimate. We'll update later on.

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July 4th Fireworks In Brooklyn, Coney Island & NYC 2021

The NYC 4th of July fireworks are viewable from all five boroughs. Click these links to specifics related to each borough - 1) Bronx 4th of July fireworks 2021 & Orchard Beach July 4th fireworks BX NYC, 2) Brooklyn 4th of July fireworks 2021 & Coney Island July 4th fireworks BK NYC, 3) Manhattan 4th of July fireworks 2021, 4) Queens July 4th fireworks 2021 & Astoria Park 4th of July fireworks Queens NYC , and 5) Staten Island 4th of July fireworks 2021.


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