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Brooklyn Restaurants BK - Queen Italian Restaurant BK Fine Dining Traditional Italian Restaurants Brooklyn NYC

Jan 20, 2020 at 10:41 am by mikewood

brooklyn italian restaurants fine italian restaurants brooklyn nyc queen italian restaurant downtown BK NYC

Queen Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn

Comfortable Traditional Fine Dining Italian Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn

queen italian restaurant brooklyn nycJanuary 20, 2020 / Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood NYC / Brooklyn Restaurants NYC / Brooklyn Blvd NYC.


Over the holidays I had the opportunity to enjoy a dinner at Queen restaurant. Queen is an Italian restaurant is located at 84 Court Street between Schermerhorn and Livingston Streets about a block and a half south of Brooklyn Borough Hall in the Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood.


Fine Dining Italian Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn

italian restaurants in downtown brooklyn bkWe made reservations, as the restaurant is popular, and possible even more so over the holidays. At the front of the restaurant there's a modern bar off to the right, while white clothed tables line the wall on the left. Beyond the bar the restaurant opens to a spacious seating area. We got lucky and were seated in the front at the window.


I suppose the bread served just after we were seated kind of said it all. What I mean by this is that we were in for a good old-fashioned Italian meal done right. On the bread plate there were several long thin bread sticks, a couple of pieces of focaccia which is a bread with a tomato sauce on top, sesame bread and a couple of slices of rye bread accompanied by a dipping dish of olive oil.

Queen Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn

Comfortable Traditional Fine Dining Italian Restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn

January 20, 2020 / Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood NYC / Brooklyn Restaurants NYC / Brooklyn Blvd NYC. Continued.

History of Queen Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn NYC

fine italian resaurants brooklyn nyc bkQueen Italian restaurant is owned and managed by Chefs Pasquino & Vincent Vitiello, descendants of the founder of Queen, which was Chef Anthony Vitiello. The restaurant was opened in 1958 and the two sons, Pasquino & Vitiello spent their youth growing up working in various capacities at the family run restaurant.

The photo at right shows the atmosphere at Queen Italian restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn. As you can see by the photo, it is a well appointed, traditional Italian restaurant.

The table conversation began as we started on the bread, while perusing the menu. I looked out the window. It was a quiet night. Talk of family, friends, and loved ones who growing up quickly and loved ones who passed away slipped in and out of the exchanges.


Traditional Fine Dining - Queen Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn

best italian restaurants in brooklyn nycThe menu was a simple front and back page, just like they do in neighborhood restaurants in Italy. The food was on the front and the desserts and drinks were on the back. We decided to start with Frittura Mista which is a mixed fry of calamari, sea scallop, zucchini and a spicy eggplant sauce. And a couple of glasses of the house table wine. The calamari / zucchini turned out to be a crowd pleaser, and a foreshadowing of what was to come. And the house red wine, as in Italy, worked just fine.

The restaurant atmosphere is comfortable. Good for a family get together which is what I was doing, but also good for a conversational date, or a friendly business meeting. Most of the folks at the restaurant seemed to be in their thirties or above. The Queen Italian restaurant isn't a hipster outlet, but she is a comfortable, well grounded, traditional Italian palate pleaser.

The Queen restaurant owners tell us that they have an in-house bakery where they make their breads, and the specialty pasta, sausages, fish and cheese are all prepared in house.

The photo at right shows one of the desserts, the Biscotti con VinSanto, enjoyed at Queen restaurant in Brooklyn.


Main Entrees at Queen Italian Restaurant BK

brooklyn traditional italian restaurant queenFor the main entrees one of our party ordered the Melanzane Al Forno which was the baked eggplant with ricotta and fontina cheese. It was reportedly heavenly.

Another party member ordered the Gamberi Alla Pugliese which is the shrimp sautéed with garlic, shallots, Pinot Grigio and seasoned crumbs. The shrimp was juicy, the ensemble flavorful and the medley had been cooked just right.

The Gamberi Alla Pugliese is shown in the photo at right. It was heavenly.

I ordered the House Lasagna, which was the special on this particular evening. My mother used to make it as one of her specialty dishes. I reckon she would have enjoyed this lasagna too. It was a soft mélange of ground beef, tomato, cheeses and fresh pasta cooked to bring together a pleasureable symphony of muted flavors.


Reasonable Prices at Queen Italian Restaurant in Brooklyn BK

queen restaurant italian restaurants brooklyn bkThe conversation continued. We started looking ahead to the New Year. What's to become of us, we wondered? Nobody really knew, but we felt comfortable that the new year should go reasonably well, knowing that the fates can be as cruel as kind.

Soon it was time for dessert. I passed on ordering one for myself but was given a sample of each ordered. The Tiramisu was billed as a "famous Roman pick-me-up" with marscapone, savioardi, chocolate and expresso. It was the sweet tooth's delight, and reportedly scrumptious.

The Biscotta con Vinsanto was a crowd pleaser too. It was billed as homemade and was accompanied by pasticcini. Vin Santo is an Italian dessert wine made in Tuscany.

The photo at right shows the tiramisu at Queen Italian restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn.

The check soon followed. The whole evening cost in the neighborhood of $200 for three people, for a delicious, hearty, Italian meal in a very comfortable, traditional, Italian fine dining restaurant in Brooklyn.

By the way it's worth noting that the table service was obth attentive and professional, which I reckon you could gather, as it's in keeping with the rest of the culinary and cultural experience of visiting Queen Italian restaurant in Brooklyn NYC.

Mille grazie and buon appetito

Brooklyn Italian Restaurants - Brooklyn NYC

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