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Murdoch’s Manchurian Candidate: WSJ, Fox News & Benedict Donald Attack FBI

Dec 31, 2017 at 11:26 am by mikewood

anarchist murdoch fbi bashing wsj fox news ny post benedict donald traitor president trump manchurian candidate

Murdoch Media & Fox News Manchurian Candidate

President Benedict Donald Attacks FBI

Who to Trust? A Couple of Bi-partisan FBI Lawmen OR a Dishonest Billionaire President & a Multi-Billionaire Media Mogul's Manipulative Mouthpieces on Fox Fake News, the WSJ & the NY Post?

December 28, 2017 / Murdoch Media Madness Section / NYC Business & Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

Billionaire Oligarchs Stealing from the Nation?

It’s certainly been a very strange year and a half. I couldn’t help but pay close attention, as one of the most interesting stories of my lifetime unfolded. I was prepared to identify and then report on it, as I had recently caught - what by comparison would be considered petty thievery here in Queens – just prior to what I now see as the GREAT AMERICAN HEIST.

I say heist because of the Trump Tax Plan, which I reported on about a week ago, indicates that Trump’s plan shows too many similarities to the alleged GREAT RUSSIAN HEIST done by Putin and his Russian Oligarchs. Click here to read our report on the Trump Tax Plan & Creation of the American Oligarchy.

Are Murdoch & Trump Anarchistic Billionaire Oligarchs Seeking to Undermine the U.S. Federal Government?

What am I talking about? I’m talking about what seems like collusion by two of America’s Billionaire Oligarchs, who appear to be working feverishly to deregulate / undo the American system of government, in a very short period of time. They appear to be undoing our American system of government by: 1) massive deregulation [too much of which has gone unreported in favor of Trump’s distracting Tweets], 2) the appointment of people who are unqualified for the positions – including judges, and 3) undermining our currency by continued expansion of deficits and the public debt at a time when America is in a position to and should be reducing it.

MURDOCH’S MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, BENEDICT DONALD, has taken a wrecking ball to the Office of the Presidency and, by association, our system of democracy itself. The Donald, with no education or experience in government, is reportedly on the phone with Murdoch nearly daily [taking orders?]. And it seems that when the Donald is not directly taking orders from Murdoch, he appears to get them by watching Murdoch’s manipulative propaganda machine, which is disguised as Fox News, the Wall St Journal and the NY Post.

Editor’s Note: The Manchurian Candidate was a movie that was censored in the early 1960’s around the time of JFK’s death. In the film, the candidate, who had been programmed by a foreign nation, does things he is instructed to do after someone – the controller - triggers what appears to be a hypnotic key.

A. Fox News Manchurian Candidate & Obstructing Justice?

Murdoch Mouthpiece Hannity Orders Trump to Fire ALL U.S. Attorneys

Less than 24 hours after Fox News, pseudo anchorman, Sean Hannity told his audience which must have included Trump, to fire all of the U.S. Attorneys, Trump did so. The firing included U.S. Attorney Preet Bahara in New York who was about to start prosecuting Rupert Murdoch’s company regarding criminal hacking in the U.S. [Murdoch has a history of it – click here for Rupert Murdoch Hacking Scandal], as sexual misconduct. Was Trump obstructing justice?

I think they fired them ALL so that it would be more difficult to make the quid pro quo connection. The Clintons did the same thing when they took office, possibly for the same reasons, and Rupert the Fox likely took notice and is he now doing the same?

Was Sean Hannity aiding and abetting Rupert Murdoch in telling Trump to fire all the U.S. Attorneys in order to obstruct the investigation into his billionaire boss and the company and paycheck for which he works?

B. Murdoch's Fox News Manchurian Candidate & NFL

Fox & Friends Seems to Hype the Ridiculous with their Manchurian Candidate

The whole issue of the NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem brouhaha appears to have started because of a Fox & Friends report on 8 year olds kneeling in sympathy with Black Lives Matter. A Media Matters report dated Wednesday, September 20, 2017 started with the following headline.

“Fox & Friends calls 8-year-olds "shameful" for kneeling during the national anthem at a football game / Rachel Campos-Duffy: "They absolutely do have the right to do this, but we have the right to get on TV and say this is shameful"

A few days later, on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017, the headline for a report in the Guardian informed us that the prior night,

“Donald Trump blasts NFL anthem protesters: 'Get that son of a bitch off the field'”

The president’s use in public of swear words, was played on national television in front of countless adults and probably children.

Are Murdoch and Trump using Racism to Divide Us?

There are those who allege this was racist because the NFL players were protesting what they believe to be the unfair treatment of African Americans by law enforcement officers around the nation. Murdoch’s Fox News and NY Post stirred the ignorant masses into a frenzy over the kneeling, claiming it was unpatriotic.

How easy is it to work up weak-minded people in America? Very easy if you are multi-billionaire Keith Rupert Murdoch and you control one of the nation’s national TV networks [Fox News], own nearly a couple dozen of the nation’s top TV stations [Fox Stations Group], own two of the nation’s top newspapers [The NY Post & Wall St Journal] and a number of lesser media properties where the story can be spun around and around, until the entire nation is talking about it.

Was it racist? I grew up in a Christian family. We only knelt to God in Church and at the caskets of our deceased family and friends. Kneeling was, in my mind, the deepest level of respect. By kneeling we were humbling ourselves. The Apostles knelt before Jesus, knights knelt before their kings and worshippers kneel before the Pope.

Who says kneeling is disrespectful? Rupert Murdoch’s highly paid propagandist mouthpieces. That’s what they get paid to do. Rile their audiences over abso-fucking-lutely meaningless issues so as to distract them from the real issues of our time.

Click here to read our report about how Murdoch’s Fox News and other media outlets appear to racialize stories in order to sensationalize them.

C. Murdoch Sensationalism: Racialize, Sexualize, Politicize & Scandalize

The image at right shows Fox News coverage of a pipe bomb explosion in a subway tunnel by a lone guy who hurt only himself. This is what they do – they distort the news. They distract. They deceive. They fictionalize. They are Fox Fake News Network – America’s first and largest Fake News Network. They have racialized stories, sexualized stories, politicized stories and scandalize stories to hype them, attract a large audience and profit from it.

And this is exactly what they appear to be doing now with the Mueller investigation, the FBI and our nation’s belief and Constitutional system of due process. If the president is innocent, he has nothing to fear. And if he’s guilty, he shouldn’t he – in his own words – “be locked up”?

D. Did Benedict Donald Betray America on National TV?

Have Murdoch, Trump & Russia colluded to steal this election? Trump himself says he couldn’t have won it without Murdoch. Hannity, who said Assange should be locked up in 2011, in 2016 was giving Assange an open mic to attack Hillary. Murdoch’s ex-wife, Wendi Deng, was rumored to be ‘dating’ Putin in spring of 2016 – right around the time Trump was closing in on the nomination.

She met with Ivanka Trump that Spring too at an NYC gala, again they met in the summer in the company of the Russian Oligarchs in Eastern Europe, and again with the Russian Oligarchs at the U.S. Open in September of 2016. Plenty of interactions by related parties of Putin, Trump and Murdoch at a time when one might assume co-conspirators would be interacting. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

We were all eyewitnesses to the Donald asking Putin to collude with him against Trump’s election opponent on national television in July 2016. Just because Trump, in plain sight, on national television, publicly invited another nation, a hostile nation, to collaborate with him in breaking America’s laws – like Hannity excitedly telling Trump to fire all U.S. Attorneys – doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or that it wasn’t collusion / conspiring.

Yes, wink, wink, collusion in public, is still collusion.


E. Ruling Triumvirate: Trump, Murdoch & Putin?

Is Murdoch’s Propaganda Machine Attempting to Obstruct the FBI Probe?

Murdoch controls Fox News, the Wall St Journal and the NY Post, which he appears to use as a well-oiled propaganda machine. He also controls a number of other branded media outlets including the National Geographic, Barron’s and MarketWatch in this country, and the Sun and Times of London in Britain and the Australian and about 60% plus of the rest of Australia’s newspapers.

Use Murdoch’s Name when discussing the Media Brands he Controls

So Your Audience Becomes Aware it’s Many Mouthpieces Paid by Same Billionaire

I encourage other journalists, all government officials and politicians, and the general public to start linking Murdoch’s brands back to his name so people begin to realize it’s one man’s point of view carried by a gazillion different Murdoch purchased Mouthpieces. Click here to read our report about how Murdoch appears to use his media outlets / hires as a paid speakers bureau of publicity assassins.

How Anarchistic and Anti-American is Rupert Murdoch?

Murdoch’s manipulative media has been, from the start, trying to discredit the possibility that Trump may have colluded with the Russians in winning the presidential election of 2016, attempting to pre-empt the wheels of justice by mounting an all-out publicity attack on the FBI and seeking to whip the Republicans in the U.S. Senate – led by Mitch McConnell who is married to Elaine Chao who served on Murdoch’s Board at Fox News – and the Republicans in the Congress, to delay, distract or stop this investigation before it reaches its final conclusion.

One of the reasons Fox News & Trump appear to keep pushing for Paul Ryan’s removal is that Ryan has not yet thrown in with this seemingly corrupt, self-serving group of criminal-like players.

When the Russian collusion story first hit the streets I found it unbelievable. But today, given what I now know about Trump’s mob relations in the past and his relationship with the Russian Oligarchs that spans a decade or longer, I now find it to be well within the realm of possibilities. Trump’s association with the Russian Oligarchs didn’t just happen over night - like a bolt of lightning – it evolved over a long period of time, which is shown in the Trump Criminality section below.

But that said I don't believe the Russians were successful. I think the reason Trump won was because of Rupert Murdoch's propaganda machine and all of the Russian interference, while important, is a distraction from the real story of the 2016 election.

  • CLICK here for the rest of our report

Murdoch Media & Fox News Manchurian Candidate

President Benedict Donald Attacks FBI

Who to Trust? A Couple of Bi-partisan FBI Lawmen OR a Dishonest Billionaire President & a Multi-Billionaire Media Mogul's Manipulative Mouthpieces on Fox Fake News, the WSJ & the NY Post?

December 28, 2017 / Murdoch Media Madness Section / NYC Business & Politics / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.

I. Murdoch’s Mass Media Manipulatively Attempts to Discredit American Law Enforcement & the FBI

Are the Wall St Journal, Fox News & NY Post Undermining the Rule of Law?

* On 3/13/17 the NYT reports,

“Federal Inquiry of Fox News Moves to a Grand Jury, but Without Preet Bharara”

Was this Trump rewarding / saving Murdoch for all the free propaganda press provided in the general election?

* On 8/22/17 there was a report in the Huffington Post entitled “Are Christians Easy Prey for Propaganda” by Terry Heaton Author of ‘The Gospel of Self: How Jesus Joined the GOP’. In the story she says that,

“… the White House may have been involved in a bogus Fox News story earlier this year about the murder of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich … [the story] originated with a false narrative passed off as “news” by an organization that is political more than factual ― namely Fox News.”

“Fox later retracted the story that suggested Mr. Rich was murdered because
he was the guy who leaked emails damaging to the campaign of Hillary
Clinton to Wikileaks, [which appeared to serve the purpose of distracting] … by taking heat off the working theory that Russian hackers did the deed at the behest of the Putin government in order to help put Donald Trump into office. The Fox story “source” was the same man who is now suing …”

I watched that story unfold, and Fox Fake News, pseudo anchorman Sean Hannity appeared to lead what seemed an outrageous charge. About a half year ago he told us we hadn’t heard the last of it – but it seems we may have as a lawsuit is pending.

* On 10/28/17 a Business Insider report carried this headline.

“WSJ editorial board calls for Mueller's resignation and accuses Clinton campaign
and DNC of collusion”

They go on to inform us,

“The [WSJ] board [also known as Rupert Murdoch] also called for the special counsel Robert Mueller to resign and for an investigation into the FBI's "role in Russia's election interference."

Business Insider continues,

“There is no evidence that the FBI, the Clinton campaign, or the Democratic
Party colluded with Russia”

“… Previous reports have said Democrats took over funding for the opposition research from anti-Trump Republicans after Trump won the GOP nomination. On Friday, lawyers for The Washington Free Beacon, a conservative-leaning publication, told the House Intelligence Committee that the outlet originally funded the dossier's production.”

“The FBI also reportedly reached an agreement before Election Day to continue paying Steele for his work, though the plan was terminated after BuzzFeed published the dossier in January.”

“The Journal's editorial board said revelations about who had financed the Steele dossier indicated that the "FBI's role in Russia's election interference must now be investigated.”

What Murdoch’s ‘Editorial Board’ doesn’t tell you is that Fusion GPS, the firm which initiated the opposition research, was headed by former Wall St Journal employees. And based on other accounts, it appears the Free Beacon, controlled by Billionaire Paul Singer, while hiring GPS to do research on the candidates – including Trump – wasn’t specifically funding the now infamous Steele dossier. This is pure conjecture on my part, but it seems that during the initial research, Fusion GPS may have stumbled onto some of the informational threads that led to the Steele dossier.

* On 11/1/17 Vanity Fair report contained the following,

“[The WSJ’s editorials about] Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation, often flying in the face of the Journal’s own news reporting. On October 23, political scientist Peter Berkowitz proclaimed that the probe into possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign “threaten[s] the rule of law.” Days later, an October 29 piece by two attorneys from the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations called on President Donald Trump to “immediately [issue] a blanket presidential pardon to anyone involved in supposed collusion.” Meanwhile, Journal editorial board member Kimberley Strassel filed an October 26 column raining opprobrium on Fusion GPS, the intelligence outfit that commissioned former British spook Christopher Steele to compile the now infamous Trump-Russia dossier. Most recently, there was an editorial that acknowledged the indictments of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his business partner Richard Gates for non-campaign-related alleged money laundering. The editorial’s main thrust, however, seemed to be to excoriate Democrats for “their role in financing Fusion.” The editorial referred to Fusion as “sleazy operators”; it didn’t mention that the guys who run Fusion were previously Wall Street Journal reporters. Former high-ranking Journal editor Bill Grueskin spoke for many when he tweeted, “WSJ edit page has gone full bats--t.”

The entry that really made people spit out their coffee, however, was an editorial published last week [late October 2017] declaring that Mueller, who once ran the F.B.I., “lacks the critical distance to conduct a credible probe.” It also proposed that Mueller “could best serve the country by resigning to prevent further political turmoil over that conflict of interest.”

The piece was published on October 25, but it didn’t explode until Sunday, when Twitter was flooded with disparaging reactions as media and political junkies eagerly awaited the following morning’s indictment fireworks. “There are no words to describe how disgraceful and dangerous this coordinated attack against Robert Mueller is,” noted Joe Scarborough. Recode’s Kara Swisher, a Journal alum, sneered, “I feel sorry for every decent reporter at the WSJ for this claptrap from Rupert Murdoch’s ever desiccated soul.”

Swisher was presumably referring to the fact that three of Murdoch’s beloved organs—the Journal, the New York Post, and Fox News—have been firing missiles at the Mueller probe in what would appear to be a three-pronged attack. “I’m watching now and screaming,” a Fox News personality told CNN about the [Fox] network’s coverage earlier this week. “I want to quit.”

Yes, it’s true. About 40% of NYC’s media and about a third of the media in the United States is controlled by a multi-billionaire propagandist who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about due process, democracy or ‘We The People’ or any people one might think. And he made a Trojan horse bid for Disney / ABC this month.

* On 11/11/17 CNN reports that Republican Senator John McCain took issue with Trump siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin, instead of our own intelligence community. The report says,

“Trump spoke to Putin three times on the sidelines of summit when the Russia meddling issue arose. "Every time he sees me, he says, 'I didn't do that,'" Trump said. "And I believe, I really believe, that when he tells me that, he means it. I think he is very insulted by it," Trump added.”

**** McCain said.

* On 12/5/17 Gregg Jarrett Fox News Legal Analyst says,

“Why did Donald Trump become the target of a criminal investigation for allegedly conspiring with Russia to influence the presidential election despite no evidence that he ever did so?”

Not really so true. It’s worth noting that the Mueller investigation has already resulted in two guilty pleas from Trump campaign officials on the record, and indictments have been handed down against others in Trump’s inner circle.

CBS News provides us with a timeline of the Russian investigation – the facts. An accurate account of things is something that seems so very hard to find on the outlets of Murdoch’s manipulative mass media machine - whenever a story is publicized concerning something of strategic importance – to Rupert Murdoch.

Use this link to check for yourself. It seems one helluva lot of smoke for there not to be a fire.

But why doesn’t Fox News Jarrett want to let law enforcement officers carry on with their work? Perhaps he gave us the clue a bit later in the same report when he accuses FBI Agent Peter Strzok of having,

“… a strident political agenda [which] accomplished his twin goals of clearing Clinton and accusing Trump, evidence be damned.”

Fox News Jarrett seems to be trying to do just the opposite, indicting Clinton while clearing Trump. What Jarrett doesn’t tell you is that his paymaster, billionaire Rupert Murdoch, appears to be reaping a windfall propaganda profit that includes Trump providing favorable tax breaks, Trump throwing investigations of Murdoch / Fox into chaos, and huge Trump FCC Rules changes that favor Murdoch’s companies.

* On 12/14/17 the Wall St Journal, also controlled by Murdoch, informs us regarding FBI agent Peter Strzok,

“…A review of their correspondence shows Mr. Trump wasn't their [FBI agent Strzok and female friend] only target: They held dim views of other prominent figures, from Chelsea Clinton to Obama Attorney General Eric Holder ...”

This seems, at least in part, to undermine Jarrett’s own strident assertions [Jarrett has been doing numerous Fox Fake News shows doing variations on the same theme which appears to try to undermine Mueller and the FBI] regarding Strzok as a man with a partisan agenda.

* On 12/8/17 Tomi Lahren, who like Hannity is another lightweight paid Fox ‘News’ commentator posted an opinion with the following,

“ … some of these Mueller team rats now hell-bent on destroying President Trump are the same ones who helped get Hillary Clinton off the hook. The woman deleted 33,000 emails. Does that sound like something an innocent woman would do? I think not.”

Murdoch, the billionaire who pays Tomi, in the prior rendition of his organization [the one Tomi works for], was reported to have erased 20 MILLION emails amid the phone hacking scandal at their British newspaper in 2011. I recommend that outraged Tomi turn her critical eye toward the organization she works for, before going after the FBI.

* A March 9, 2017 report Bloomberg states,

“News Corp.’s U.K. publishing unit deleted 20 million emails in 2010 and 2011 as investigations into illegal phone hacking by journalists gathered pace, according to evidence in a lawsuit that could cast a shadow on the takeover of Sky Plc.”

* On 12/10/17, the Washington Post quoted Trump publicly threatening to do whatever it takes to hold onto power.

“Trump himself told us plainly on Friday night in Pensacola, Fla., that he will do whatever it takes to hold power, and he should be taken seriously ... “There are powerful forces in Washington trying to sabotage our movement,” he declared ... “These are bad people, these are very, very bad and evil people …”

I assume Trump was talking to billionaires about “our movement”, given the tax cut / tax reform was 50% to 80% tilted their way, while giving crumbs to the middle and lower income classes, while piling over a trillion in debt on the backs of America’s babies and children.

* On 12/11/17 a report on CNN and confirmed elsewhere told us,

“Even former Speaker of the House and Fox News political contributor Newt Gingrich, who had praised Mueller when he was first appointed in May as a "superb choice" whose reputation was "impeccable for honesty and integrity," said on air this week that "Mueller is corrupt. The senior FBI is corrupt."

Gingrich reportedly cheated on his first two wives and while rumored to be having an affair with his current wife while still married to his prior wife, he prosecuted President Bill Clinton for getting a blow job in the White House. He also received a $4.5 million book deal from Murdoch’s Random House back in the mid 1990’s, as he was presiding over Congress in the re-writing the FCC laws which appeared to be heavily in Murdoch’s favor.

* On 12/17/17 Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarret “demand(s) his [Mueller’s] removal” because Mueller’s team allegedly obtained records from the GAO relating to Trump’s transition team, which Jarrett claims were private.

* On 12/20/17 in Salon, a report headline read,

“Did the Wall Street Journal kill an editorial exposing Trump’s mob dealings? Rupert Murdoch’s loyalties to Trump, and the journalistic integrity of the WSJ, starts to blur”

* An April 25, 2011 story in Media Matters tells us,

“In interviews with Media Matters, many of the dozens to flee the Journal and Dow Jones in the past three and half years say the push for shorter stories, less investigative work, and -- at times -- a subtle nudge for more business-friendly stories has made it a worse place to work and resulted in a diminished editorial product.”

"Everyone who could leave the Journal and get a good job has done so," said one former Journal scribe now at Bloomberg. "If it had been a better time in the industry, I think you would have seen more."

“According to internal documents, Bloomberg has hired a hundred and six journalists from Dow Jones since Murdoch's bid became public [2007 – 2011]. A Bloomberg source reveals to Media Matters at least 40 of those were from the Journal.”

"Under [former managing editor] Paul Steiger, the marching orders for the lead writers on Page One were to do stories with moral force," a former Journal reporter now at Bloomberg said. "Under the new ownership, that was not only abandoned, but also got turned upside down. For example, there was a tendency for the [Murdoch] editors to believe that the financial crisis was caused by poor people who committed mortgage fraud.”

* The 12/20/17 Salon story continued, telling us of the,

“… mysterious departures of five top writers and editors”

It is believed that this may have been related to the delay of an important story about Trump and his mob connections, which was delayed by Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot [FYI - I was Assistant Editor of the Abbott Pennings Lance when he was a reporter – but we approach journalism in very different ways]. The report continues,

“Freeman wrote a strong attack on Trump’s Mob dealings, and had a second ready to go. But as Trump got closer to clinching the nomination, Paul Gigot kept delaying publication, saying “it needed work.” Once Trump became the likely Republican nominee, Freeman executed a neat volte-face. “The facts suggest that Mrs. Clinton is more likely to abuse liberties than Mr. Trump,” he wrote. “America managed to survive Mr. Clinton’s two terms, so it can stand the far less vulgar Mr. Trump.”

Who are the CRIMINALS & Who are the Good Guys?


II. How Much a Criminal is Donald J. Trump?

The Donald comes from what appears to be a long line of men with dysfunctional moral compasses – at best. His Grandfather reportedly ran a brothel in Alaska during the Yukon Gold Rush. His father reportedly marched with the Klu Klux Klan in the 1920’s.

* The Dizzying Deceptions of The Dishonest Donald?

The Donald appears to have managed to morph himself from seeming to be: 1) a mob-friendly New York City real estate developer, 2) into a contract-breaking New Jersey casino operator, 3) into a law-breaking money launderer, into 4) a potentially traitorous president.

Like Murdoch what appears to be Trump’s criminality, has been covered up by a highly paid team of lawyers and publicity professionals, who seem to twist and turn the the public's attention via distracting, competing narratives and via ongong deception and dishonesty.

* Donald Trump's New York City Real Estate Development Mob Ties

_ Mob Ties. Trump reportedly had known associations in the underworld, real mobster types, beginning in the late 1970’s when he erected his first Manhattan building – Trump Tower. Two of the top players the Donald associated with went to prison – details to follow when time permits.


* Donald Trump's New Jersey Casino Mob Ties

_ Casino Operator with Mob Ties. In the early 1980’s the Donald sought and received approval to build a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In a Wall St Journal investigation, Trump admitted to having relations with the mob, claiming you couldn’t go into the casino business in the 1970’s and 1980’s without them.

*** Note. Knowing your president has no problem doing business in the 1970’s and 1980’s with the mafia / mob, should be a red flag to voters when it comes to evaluating whether Trump would be pre-disposed to doing business with Russia’s Putin and the Oligarchs – both of whom allegedly function like their own mob.


* In 1987 Murdoch's Newspaper 'The Australian' Casts Shadow on Trump with Mob Ties

_ Murdoch Flip Flop aka NewsSpeak. In 1987 Murdoch’s Australian cast a dark shadow over the Donald who wanted to build a casino in Sydney, Australia. Today the Murdoch’s propaganda machine is in bed with Trump. Why?

George Orwell’s Animal Farm does a pretty good job of explaining analogously what's happening. Murdoch seems to operate Newscorp like Big Brother and News Speak. In the book / film 1984, those in power change the public narratives to promote those they’re in bed with, and punish those who are not - flip flopping whenever they want, and telling their readers and viewers to forget what they said because things have changed.

Erasing Memories - Doctoring the Past

One of the best examples of this recently was watching two-time college drop out, and Fox News $29 million per year teleprompter reader, Sean Hannity do a 180 degree flip on Julian Assange [went from bad to good] and Robert Mueller [went from good to bad] this year.


Is Trump using USA's Payola for Murdoch’s Media Mob Protection?

Fast forward to today and the WSJ is accused of withholding a report about Trump’s alleged mob ties in order to get him elected. Why? Because the Wall St Journal is now owned by Rupert Murdoch who appears to be getting massive installments of propaganda payola from Trump for what appears to be a quid pro quo transaction, as Murdoch provided Trump with likely hundreds of millions or even billions of favorable airtime / media ‘protection’. There are some graphics on this that I will try to add at a later date.

* Trump's Lying, Deceiving & Stealing?

_ 1983 – Present: Lies, Deceptions, Fraud and / or Theft? A legal publisher identified 163 lawsuits filed against Trump.

_ Trump goes bankrupt six times. He counts them as four times, but who really cares? The point is he made some seriously bad miscalculations – or he’s crooked. A lot of the money was allegedly sent offshore to a Russian Oligarch’s bank before bankruptcy, but I need more time to obtain the details and verify the sources.

* Trump Cleans Up & Changes his Image with 'The Apprentice'

_ 1999 – Present. The Apprentice. Becomes a celebrity entertainer known as a guy who tells it like it is, because he’s willing to say ‘politically incorrect’ things. Politically incorrect is a means of politicizing ‘disrespectful’ language and behaviors involving race, sex and politics.

* Trump & The Russian Oligarchs: The Donald's Dark Side Re-emerges

_ 2009. Sells property to Russian Oligarch for huge profit [tens of millions]. Was this the ‘sucker deal’? Where the Donald thinks he’s suckering them, while they get him?

_ 2013. Allegedly a gambling ring run by a Russian is busted in Trump Tower in NYC.

_ 2015. Trump Casino is found guilty of laundering Russian money by the FBI.

* In late April 2017 Trump told CBS newsman, Scott Pelley that

"I don't stand by anything [I say]."

So the thing you have to ask yourself is whether to put your trust in a man with this kind of track record? Or in the hands of career law enforcement professionals with unblemished bipartisan records?

Now let's take a look at the FBI's leading publicity accusers. Click here to view a report showing some of the political payola that propagandist Keith Rupert Murdoch appears to have received and is in the process of receiving from fellow billionaire Donald Trump.


III. How Much a Criminal is Keith Rupert Murdoch?

You would think that what appears to be a decades long pattern of political promotion via a propaganda press which seem invariably and inevitably followed by propaganda payday would be all of the appearance of corruption I could find on one vile little man … Keith Rupert Murdoch. But unfortunately, it is not. Click here to view our report on what appears to be Murdoch's life long career of corruption - feeding at the public trough.

Murdoch the Great Mass Media Manipulator

I have dedicated an entire section on this website, the largest section I’ve done to date, to Murdoch’s manipulative use of his media properties as promotional and punitive propaganda machines to control politicians on three continents [Australia, Britain in Europe & the U.S. in North America] in order to profit by pulling strings on his political puppets after they have been ‘elected by the people’ Nazi-style. By 'Nazi-style' elections I am referring to an election wherein the voting public has been mass media manipulated by a huge propaganda machine regarding the issues and political candidates.

What follows is a short summary of some of the lawsuits filed against Murdoch and / or his companies. Some of these are still just allegations, and many have been settled quietly out of court, with vast millions of dollars being paid by Murdoch’s company. Murdoch's company may be as guilty of racketeering, as it is of being a propaganda press.

* Deaths or Murders Surrounding Murdoch Related Events?

Deaths or Murders happening to parties affected by Murdoch related controversies. 1968 – death of Publisher Maxwell aboard his yacht. Murdoch is also a yachtsman. 2011 – a hacker possibly with something to do with the British hacking scandal found dead in Germany [need to confirm]. 2011 – a journalist covering the hacking story found murdered in Britain.

* Murdoch's Fox News Defends its Right to Lie?

_ 1996 – 2004. Called the ‘Right to Lie lawsuit’. $426,000 to plaintiff for Fox station retaliating / intimidating employee who threatened to inform FCC about broadcasts containing information management knew was deceitful / false and that they wanted to air anyhow.

* Murdoch's Harper Collins Book Division Pays Off Defamation Suit

_ 2006 / 2007. Defamation. Judith Regan's lawsuit says Murdoch controlled company's statements were defamatory,

"because they injure Regan's professional name and reputation by charging her with making anti-Semitic comments, by implying that she is deceitful, unethical and without integrity."

Regan was fired less than a month after Murdoch canceled her plans to publish O.J. Simpson's hypothetical murder confession, "If I Did It," a book and Fox television interview that was greeted with widespread public outrage.

Payout was $11 million by Murdoch’s book division Harper Collins.

* Murdoch's Company Anti-Competitively Hacks & Sabotages a Competitor

_ 2008. Phone Hacking II – in U.S., allegations of sabotaging a competitive company – Payout still researching, but the payouts and legal fees may have amounted to over $300 million.

* Murdoch's Anti-Competitive Monopolistic Behavior Times Two 2x

_ 2009. Alleged monopolistic practices with in-store advertising. Hundreds of Millions in Payouts.

_ 2013. Alleged monopolistic practices with circular printing. Hundreds of Millions in Payouts.

* Murdoch's British Newspapers Caught Hacking the Phones of 5,000 People

_ Ten Years Leading up to 2011. Alleged and proven Phone Hacking in Britain which caused Murdoch to withdrew his bid for Sky TV which also operates telecommunications functions. People working for Murdoch's company went to JAIL.

* Murdoch's Company Alleged to have Hacked 911 Victims' Families

_ 2011. Alleged Phone Hacking in U.S. dating back to 2001 regarding 911 victims families and foreign corrupt practices act. The lawsuits were dropped. While I didn't believe it at first, I now wonder if the allegations that ‘something happened’ are true.

* Murdoch's Company Alleged to have Stolen Competitor's Trade Secrets

_ 2014. Allegations that Murdoch's company stole trade secrets from the National Association of Realtors & for the Zillow & Move websites which are now controlled by Murdoch.

* Murdoch and Board Sued for Something like Dereliction of Duty

_ 2015. Shareholder Revolt for alleged mismanagement of the company by Murdoch and his Board. Multi-million payout. What was James Murdoch's role?

* Murdoch's Company Alleged to have Hacked Competitive Journalists' Devices

_ 2016 / 2017. Alleged phone hacking by people working for Murdoch's company hacking into Americans' electronic devices. Ruling to be determined, but Trump fired all of the U.S. Attorneys including those working on this case.

* Murdoch's Company Alleged Sexual Misconduct

_ 2017. Numerous allegations of sexual misconduct at Fox News for which there were multiple multi-million payouts by either the people involved and / or the company.

* Murdoch's Company Alleged Racism

_ 2017. Murdoch's Fox News has been alleged to have broken laws regarding race. Ruling to be determined.

* Murdoch's Company Alleged to have Conspired with Trump on Fake News Story

_ 2017. Lies and Fabrications. A lawsuit alleges that Fox News and Sean Hannity broadcast what appear to be fabricated narratives about the Seth Rich death at the behest of the Donald. Ruling to be determined.

*** Murdoch & Trump: Judas, Brutus and Benedict Donald ***

**** Take note at this last one as it illustrates perfectly what these bullies do. They create chaos by accusing others of their own misdeeds. This throws the situation into chaos by making it a "he said / she said", which - if you're not paying close attention - can easily confuse the public - which is their intent. These two billionaire bullies appear about as honest as Judas, Brutus and Benedict Arnold - all rolled up into two.

Given these lawsuits have spanned into three decades, and many of them appear to be violations of the law for which the company has a history of lawbreaking / criminal behavior, one might ask whether this is a racketeering company, with a culture of corruption, run by a man with a very criminal mind who has little – if any – respect for the law.

Murdoch appears, by virtue of his powerful propaganda machine including the Fox Fake News Network, the Wall St Journal and the NY Post, to have promoted a man who also appears to have little respect for the law and the people – Donald J. Trump - into the presidency.

Predatory Propaganda: How Wrong is the Christian Right?

So what’s ironic in all of this is that the Christian Right appears to have aligned themselves with these criminal-like types as described above.

What does that say about them? Are they also morally compromised? Or are they just ignorant people who either don’t spend the time to find out what’s going on, or just don’t want to hear the truth or are so easily manipulated using one issue like abortion?

What kind of nation are these Christians going to leave to their children by ignoring the facts and the truth, like the third of the German nation that fell prey to Goebbel’s propaganda and voted for Adolph Hitler in 1933.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand voting against the Clintons in November of 2016. But what I don’t understand, is supporting Trump – knowing what we now know - in December of 2017.

To paraphrase from Jefferson,

"Those who believe a nation can be ignorant and free - believe in something that never was and never will be."

Isn’t it your duty, to god and country and family and friends, to make sure you know what’s really going on? Disconnect from Fox News and start paying attention to what's going on in this country. What kind of country are we going to leave our children?

IV. How Much a Criminal is James Comey?

Like me, you probably had never heard of Comey before he stepped out onto the national stage in the summer of 2016. When he pulled presidential candidate Hillary Clinton out from under the shadow of a possible FBI investigation and conviction regarding her emails.

The FBI has a standard practice of never publicly commenting on cases, and while they occasionally make exceptions, none has ever been so public as this one.

My take on things is that Comey probably took the actions he took because he thought they were the right thing to do. Just like when Comey re-opened the Clinton email case about two weeks before the election, because there was ‘new evidence’ [thanks to Murdoch surrogate former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani] which appeared to be a withheld October surprise [both the WSJ and NY Post had reported on the possibility of these emails earlier] to stir chaos. And then Comey closed the investigation again, about a week before the election which Hillary - who seems not to be able to accept responsibility for the piss poor management of her own campaign - said this cost her the election [and the Russians and Bernie and blah, blah, blah].

It’s hard to know what would have been the right way to approach this, given the highly unusual nature, and extremely high stakes of the circumstances. So I don’t judge Comey’s actions one way or another, except to say that I think he found himself in a very troubling, high stakes, chaotic situation; and that he was probably trying to do what he thought best.

James Comey has a distinguished law enforcement career and served under both Republican and Democrat presidents and appears not to have any great love for either Hillary or The Donald. And who can blame him? Over 50% of the nation didn't want either one of them according to a poll taken in May of 2016 when it became clear that these two crookeds were going to be our choice.

V. How Much a Criminal is Robert Mueller?

Mueller also worked for presidents of both the Republican and Democratic parties. He is a highly respected law enforcement officer with a distinguished career of public service.

At present he appears to be doing his job, which is to get at the root of why the Russians tried to hack our election in favor of Donald Trump and whether there was collusion. The question is whether Donald Trump is really a Benedict Donald? Lock him up?

Murdoch’s propaganda machine - the Wall St Journal, Fox News and NY Post - appear to be putting out false or distorted narratives about the FBI in order to discredit them vis a vis Trump. The reason Murdoch appears to be doing this is that Murdoch appears to be cashing in on a propaganda payola of incredible riches in terms of Trump tax breaks, Trump FCC deregulation and Trump disruption of the investigation into Murdoch and his company in New York.

Trump on the other hand, appears to have no respect for the office of the presidency, no respect for America’s rule of law, and by association no respect for the American people who he is supposed to be serving - not himself and his propaganda patron.

VI. So Who are you going to Trust?

A. Couple of Criminal-like Billionaire Anarchists who’ve Spent their Entire Lives Enriching Themselves?

B. Or a Couple of Bipartisan Career FBI Lawmen with Clean Records?

James Comey and Robert Mueller appear to be career lawmen trying to navigate their way through uncharted and very chaotic waters. Neither of these men have made any sort of huge money while doing their jobs, while both billionaires appear to have made life long careers of filling their own pockets, oftentimes at the expense of others – including the public - by appearing to break contracts and change laws [in Murdoch’s case through his propaganda promoted pol puppets] like gangsters to enrich themselves.

Neither Trump or Murdoch appear to have any moral compass. Their guiding light seems to be money and power. They appear to manipulate their audiences into an irrational and emotional frenzy – just like Hitler did the Nazis.

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